Golf Attire for Beginners – How to Dress Appropriately

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What is the appropriate golf attire for beginners? You will need golf shoes, a collared shirt, slacks or shorts and belt or socks and gloves, as well as a cap when you’re out in the golfing range. Here is a short guide on how you can choose the best one per clothing attire or item.

Golf Attire for Beginners

Just as a good restaurant has employees dressed in proper attire, when it comes to golf attire, you’ll need the proper shoes, shirt and bottoms. Below we break it down on what your various options are, so you can ensure you’re dressed appropriately. 

Golf Shoes

There are three different kinds of golf shoes- the spikeless, soft spikes and the steel spikes variant. Each one will have its own uses and preferences. For example, steel spikes are only allowed in pro tournaments, while spikeless is preferred by golfers who experience pain after walking around on spiked shoes. Soft spikes are a balance between the two and are the most comfortable in the group.

A Collared ShirtGolf Attire for Beginners

A collared shirt is a must-wear when you’re out playing golf. You can opt for a short-sleeved or long-sleeved type as long as it has a collar. The material of the shirt will differ according to your tastes. Cotton is a classic when it comes to cooler climates, while synthetic or stretch fabrics are great for wicking away moisture in the hotter regions. You’ll want to pack a couple collared shirts for your upcoming golf trip.

Sports jerseys and t-shirts are not allowed, and the plainer the color and the design, the better. Loud writing or advertising at the shirt’s front and back are frowned upon- remember, you’re playing a respectable game and you should wear the same kind of clothing for it.

Slacks or Shorts

You can get either slacks or shorts as part of your attire, but keep in mind that either must have belt loops. Soccer shorts and drawstring ones are not allowed. From there, you’ll have the freedom to choose the kind of material you’ll feel most comfortable in. Cooler weather will tend to favor chino or flat-front shorts, while hot conditions may require specialized golfing shorts. You can choose from tan, gray. khaki, beige or cream. Reserve the bright colors until you get better in the game.

Belt and Socks

Wear a belt even if you don’t really need it. The accessory adds to the overall professionalism and it makes you look good. Choose the one that complements the color of your pants or shoes. As for the socks, you’ll want ankle-high ones that can wick away or absorb moisture and keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the golf session.

Cap or Hat

Consider wearing a hat or a cap when the weather forecast is bright and blazing. You’ll want something that protects your head and your eyes from the bright glare. Baseball caps are the most popular ones out there, but you can opt for visors or bucket hats that have short brims.


Gloves are optional but they can improve swing performance by adding a bit of control. For left-handed golfers, gloves are worn on the right hand, and vice versa. You won’t need more than two if you’re just starting out. If you are flying for a golf trip, you can keep your gloves in your carry on.

In Conclusion

This golf attire for beginners will make you more respected and allow you to blend right in, whether you’re out in the range or in the clubhouse, relaxing after a session. Make sure to pick out the material and fabric that’s comfortable and fits your style.

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