Cheapest Month to Fly to Vegas – When Should You Go?

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Cheapest Month To Fly To Vegas

Are you planning to visit Las Vegas, Sin City? Generally, the travellers who are travelling to Vegas have the potential of spending money quite quickly. But this expensive city can also be affordable in nature. Many people ask about the cheapest month to fly to Vegas when the flight fares are cheaper and easy to find. There are times in the year which you will find cheaper travel. If you are looking for the cheapest month to fly to Vegas, then you are at the right place.

Cheapest Month To Fly To Vegas
Cheapest Month To Fly To Vegas

Cheapest Month to Fly to Vegas

We are here to help you to know more about the months which you can consider for travelling to Vegas if you are looking forward to travel on a budget. You will get all the major details about the airlines that fly to Vegas, cheapest month and some tips to travel on a budget.

Tips to Find Cheaper Flights to Vegas

As Las Vegas is a popular destination, there are many airlines that fly to this destination. Most of the top airlines of the United States fly there for domestic travellers. You will get direct flights to Vegas under American Airlines, Sun Country, Southwest, Delta Airlines etc. There are many more besides these. If you want some of the best cheap flights to Vegas, then you need to look for flights in advance. There are times when some airlines also give discounts and offers which you can avail to get the cheapest flights. Once you’ve found the cheapest flight, you can then focus on looking for different qualities when booking your hotel

Cheapest Month to Fly

The total cost of the flight to Vegas depends on the airlines as well as on the month you are travelling. The cheapest months to travel to Vegas are January, August and October. Normally, flights from California or San Jose to Vegas can cost about $45 but the flight from Boston can cost about $200. January, being the cheapest month to fly to Vegas, can offer tickets as the lowest possible prices. During this month, you will find the flight fares are 15% cheaper than that of the rest of the year.

This is because January is the coldest month in Las Vegas. So, the temperature drops to the lowest at this time. The temperature can vary between 34 degree Fahrenheit and 58 degree Fahrenheit. These temperatures are not ideal for most of the travellers as it will be too cold. They prefer the summer months more. Hence, you can travel to Vegas in January at the lowest possible flight fare. Besides January, flight fares remain lower than usual during the month of August and October. Although, private jet costs per flight can differ from time to time as well. Hence, you should look into how much it costs to rent a private jet during different times of the year if you choose to take this route. 

Last Words

So, January is the cheapest month to fly to Vegas. But if you want to fly at an affordable price, avoid the Holiday time as the flight fares can be quite high during this time. You need to make sure that you are booking the tickets at least 45 to 60 days before the actual date of travel. This can help you to get a lower price. The flight prices generally go up as the days pass by. So, if you want to fly cheap, book as early as possible.

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