For many people, Walt Disney World is the ultimate travel destination. Since there are countless exciting activities and things to experience, preparing for the trip can be a bit overwhelming. Rather than raid your dressers and closet at the last minute, it’s better to have a Disney World checklist.

Disney World Checklist

In this article, we’ll review some of the most essential items you need to pack for your trip to Disney World. We’ll cover just about everything you will need to bring ranging from clothes to snacks when you’re visiting just one or numerous parks.

Wallet, Tickets, and Directions

Make sure you have your ID (license), debit or credit card, and Disney gift cards (if you have some). It’s also a good idea to have some cash on hand. If you have hard copies of reservations/tickets or Magic bands, bring them as well. Hard copies can save you plenty of aggravation should internet or phone issues arise — especially if it’s a special trip reveal that you’re visiting for. It’s also important to know the names and addresses of the destinations you’ve booked and also carry a copy of your written itinerary if you have one.

Comfortable Shoes

You want your feet to be happy by carrying a comfy pair of shoes — this is a crucial tip for first timers. A typical Disney vacation will involve lots of walking between attractions and standing in line so be sure to pack shoes that will keep your mind on enjoying your vacation rather than on sore feet.


It’s advisable to bring a lightweight daypack/backpack that will hold your essentials such as ponchos, phone charger, tickets, Disney World map, snacks, water bottles and sunscreen. Look for a backpack that’s not only lightweight but also comfortable as you’re likely to have it with you all day.

Water Bottle

Walking around all day and standing in line under the sun’s heat is sure to make you thirsty. Carrying a water bottle, therefore, is the best way to stay hydrated. A water bottle also saves you from having to purchase water inside the park and gives you easy access to water throughout the day.

Rain Jacket/Poncho

Even when clear skies are forecast, you can’t ignore the possibility of rain in Orlando. The last thing you want is to end up soaking in wet clothes. For peace of mind, carry a poncho or rain jacket. You can purchase them at the park, but purchasing them before entering the park can save you some cash.

Cell Phone Charger

Your cell phone is an invaluable tool, even at Disney World. You’re likely to use it to make reservations, research Disney information, check times, use park apps and maps, communicate with your travel companions, etc. All these will easily drain your battery so come armed with a phone charger. You can also consider additional batteries or an external battery charger.

Bottom Line

Additional items you can add to your Disney World checklist include a couple of nice outfits, sunglasses, snacks and extra bags. Most of these items can be bought inside the park as souvenirs but you’ll save loads of cash by carrying them when you’re packing. Plan for your trip early enough to avoid last-minute rushes.

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