Do Private Jets Have To Go Through Customs? – Rules and Regulations

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Do Private Jets Have To Go Through Customs

As we all know, the customs check is one of the most vital procedures that everyone has to go through while flying abroad. Passengers of all the international flights will have to stop for customs. But the most important question which is also asked by many is – do private jets have to go through customs? Even the private charter flight passengers have to go through the customs for flying to international destinations.

Do Private Jets Have To Go Through Customs?

There are many things that you have to know about private jets and customs rules, considering how jets can essentially land anywhere. You must stop at a specific entry port for the customs check. For instance, if you are enrooted to Bora Bora, you have to stop in Tahiti to perform the customs check. To know more about these and where private jets can fly, read on.

Do Private Jets Have To Go Through Customs
Do Private Jets Have To Go Through Customs

Overflight Permit

Many private charter flight operators have an overflight permit which can allow you to bypass the first entry post and complete all the customs check at your destination. For instance, if you are flying from Paris to LA (Los Angeles), you will be able to go straight to LA without any stops. 

In the United States, you have to stop at the airport for the customs depending on the overflight permit of the private charter flight operator. Also, this depends on the specific regulations of the CBP and FAA for the country from where you have come or departed. Each and every passenger has to go through customs. It is compulsory to declare that anything of value they have brought in. This can be cash as well as goods. 

What Are the Facilities?

Though every passenger flying to any international destinations has to go through customs, there are some facilities for the passengers of the private jet. The passengers travelling by private jets have separate customs stations in the United States. So, it will be much faster for them as there are very few passengers compared to that of the stations having commercial airlines’ passengers. This is one of the main differences between private jets and commercial planes. If you appear at the separate customs station meant for the private jet passengers, then the entire customs check will take less than 15 minutes. 

But outside the United States, the custom station can be along with the commercial flight which can take a long time. There are only very few airports that offer separate stations for the customs check for the passengers of the private jet and the amount of luggage on the jet. But there are some cases that can be the exceptions and skip the customs. For example, an emergency medical flight can receive a special permission for skipping the customs. These passengers can get direct entry for the boarding.

Final Words

So, if you have the question in mind that – do private jets have to go through customs, you need to know the answer is yes. As mentioned above, everyone must go through the customs check — regardless of how much you rented your jet for. But there is an exception for the medical emergency cases. For that, you have to contact the authorities to know more in detail as the rules and regulations can be different for different airports. You need to be sure that you are getting all things done under the law.

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