Your next flight can be delayed for a few hours by long queues, packing issues, and/or bad weather. So, what are some exciting and fun things to do in an airport if you’re stuck there for a while? This piece will highlight 15 fun things to do in an airport as you wait for your flight.

Things To Do in Airport Before Boarding

1. Read a Book

Maybe you’ve packed a book with you to read on the plane as your flying there, or you have a tablet or books on your phone — whatever it be, kill some time by flipping through some pages.

2. Drink Some Coffee

Regardless of if you’re catching a morning or night flight, you can always continue to energize yourself by sipping on a cup of Joe.

3. Post on Social Media

While you’re waiting for your flight, you can scroll through social media and post some new content while you’re at it.

4. Double Check Your Suitcases

As you’re waiting, you can double and triple check if you’ve packed everything that you’ve needed to. Airport Shuttle of Phoenix says that this is a prime time to go and pick up something small at the airport just in case you forgot it.Fun Things To Do In An Airport

5. Catch up on a Podcast

There are various types of podcasts available that range from comedy all the way to the daily news.

6. Update Your Social Media Account

This is a great time to update your social media account with something like a weather insight about your destination.

7. Visit Gents or Ladies

This might not be fun per say, but it is necessary to visit the loo as you wait to get to the skies.

8. Spend Extra Foreign Money

If you have extra foreign currency left in your wallet, this is the ideal time for you to spend it.

9. Look at Memes

Memes are a sure way of killing time and having fun. Don’t hesitate to look at a few memes as you wait for your next flight at the airport.

10. Relax in Airport Lounges

Airports have lounges packed with comfy chairs where you can enjoy your peace and quietness as you wait.

11. Listen to a Playlist

Listening to your favorite playlist as you wait to catch a flight in an airport can be fun too.

Things To Do In Airport Before Boarding

12. Call Your Family and Friends

Using this time to catch up with friends and family is ideal since you most likely have a lot of time to kill.

13. Read Holiday Articles

What can be more exciting and fun than burying yourself in your favorite holiday articles while you wait for your flight?

14. Vlog Your Experience

Vlogging your airport experience will not only give you a fun way to kill time, but you’ll also be able to keep these memories for a lifetime.

15. Become a Plane Spotter

Many airports have special points for viewing outgoing and incoming planes. You can visit the points and become a plane spotter.


So, What Can One Do At An Airport?

The above list of 15 things to do in an airport are the most popular among frequent travelers. Have fun! If there is something that should be mentioned, feel free to share with the world by commenting below.

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