How Do I Prepare for an Escape Room? – Key Tips to Know

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Are you going to an escape room any time soon? If so, you’re probably wondering, “How do I prepare for an escape room?” All you need are tactics to let you out before the 60-minute deadline. You and your team should work as a unit to find clues and escape before you are trapped inside. 

How Do I Prepare for an Escape Room?

How Do I Prepare for an Escape Room
How Do I Prepare for an Escape Room

In this post, you will learn about the best tips and tactics to help you enjoy every bit of the game and know how to quickly beat the escape room. They are practical tips that you can easily learn and implement. Read all the way to the end and become a pro of how the escape rooms work

Assemble Your Team Carefully

You will enjoy the game more if you have a team of between 2 and 6 members. This is why escape rooms are such great team building activities. Pick people you can work with without getting into arguments. Timely communication will also be crucial to hitting your objectives. Remember also to select members with a mix of skills because you will need everyone giving their best. 

Choose Your Escape Room

The rooms come in a range of themes. The common ones are horror, supernatural, or fantasy rooms. What stirs your adrenaline and makes you feel part of the game? Choose your room and take time to study the story line. Get any tips and tactics to use and pay attention to every small bit. You will be prepared for whatever comes your way once you start the game. 

Enjoy Yourself

Are you now inside the room? Look around and get familiar with everything. Learn fast and discover all the clues you can see around. Do not ignore even the smallest bit because it may save your day. You will be in here for 60 minutes so you better make every minute count. 

One tactic that will get you out fast is studying the puzzles. Think outside the box as you try to solve them. Sometimes the clue is something you would not expect. Be very observant and you will be out of here before you even notice. 

Quick Tips to Play an Escape Room Like a Pro

  • Do not wait; start as soon as you get into the room. You are fighting against time and any second you waste will delay your escape. 
  • Thoroughly search the room. Look around and pick what you can. Do not ignore anything or dismiss it as useless. Be curious and know your room better.
  • Share your hints and solutions with your team. When you find out anything, let your team know. You are not competing, but working towards the same goal.
  • Keep your ears, eyes, and all other senses alert. 
  • Stop thinking too hard; the solutions are right in front of you
  • Keep your objects organized. Everything you discover should be collected into a place you can easily access. 
  • Ask for help. Do not be embarrassed when you get stuck. Ask your friends for help.

Bottom Line 

So, how do I prepare for an escape room? Follow escape room tips and you should be ready to tackle even the hardest escape rooms out there. Take time to study the room and be alert. Work closely with your team and you will be out before the 60 minutes. 


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