If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, you’ve probably been thinking about it for weeks. Packing for a trip is rarely easy, especially if you’re traveling to a new place for the first time. You may have thought about every possible thing you’ll need but here are a few last minute Disney tips to consider.

Last Minute Disney Trips

There are several items you need to bring to Disney World. From walking shoes to a medicine bag, the list below has important information regarding any last minute Disney trip.

Water Bottle or Bottled Water Pack

Your typical trip to Disney world may involve walking all day and that means you’ll need to stay hydrated. Rather than having to buy water at the park, carry your own refillable water bottle or bottled water. There are plenty of water spots where you can refill your water bottle.

Fun Snacks

There’s no harm in carrying a few snacks you can enjoy during your stay at the park. For instance, if you’re sure you’ll have a microwave in your resort room you can pack a few fun snacks such as mac and cheese cups and popcorn to you can enjoy in your room after a long day.

External Battery Packs

Between snapping and sharing photos on social media and reviewing tickets on your phone, the chances are your phone won’t last a typical day at Disney World. To be on the safe side, you can pack two charged external batteries to add some juice to your phone when necessary. There are plenty of external batteries you can get at affordable rates at retail stores and electronic shops.

After Sun Lotion

You can pack plenty of sunscreen lotion and assure yourself you won’t get sunburned but carrying after sun lotion will probably be the best decision you make before leaving for your vacation. After sun lotion is great for intense sunburn and can ease the discomfort of tight skin after a minor sunburn. After sun care is expensive at the park so packing your own will save you the extra cost.

Second Pair of Walking Shoes

Parking an extra pair of shoes can come in handy should your shoes get wet on a ride or even break, for example. An alternate pair of comfy shoes or sandals should be good enough.

Medicine Bag

Don’t leave for Disney without a bag with essential over-the-counter medications. This can potentially save you lots of time and money. The hope is that you won’t need any medication but carrying a few supplies will help when you need a bandage for a scraped knee or some medicine for nausea after a ride.

Cheap Sunglasses

Nobody wants to leave their nice sunglasses when they’re going on vacation but you may want to skip them for a trip to Disney World. It’s not uncommon for guests to lose sunglasses in the park or get them smashed in park bags as they go about on the rides. The last thing you want is to lose a nice pair of sunglasses on the trip. Pick up a cheap pair of sunglasses at your local store and you should be good to go.

Bottom Line

Many people plan their trip to Disney world months in advance. You may think you’ve got everything covered but these last minute Disney tips may reveal otherwise. Pack everything in advance for a fun, stress-free trip, and focus on the great souvenirs you will take home.


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