World Travelers Packing List – Bringing Only What’s Necessary

How do globetrotters travel light? If you’re looking to experience more of the world soon, you’ll have to face numerous tasks before your travels — and packing is one of them. Experienced travelers start by shopping for the right backpacks and travel clothing. The main idea behind backpacking or traveling the world is to travel light. That also involves carrying light clothes that dry up quickly when you wash them. Besides clothes, what else would you have to bring with you? Follow this world travelers packing list to ensure that you’re bringing everything necessary to enjoy your trip.

World Travelers Packing List

Choosing the Right Bag

The backpack needs to be light enough yet able to carry the weight of all your items. Your suitcase should weigh less than 2.7 kg, and if you can find one that has smart components, the better.


World Travelers Packing List

When packing, you should only consider bringing along the bare necessities. Go with synthetic fabrics as these will dry faster and still look okay without ironing. Consider packing three short sleeved shirts and two long sleeved ones, two pairs of shorts and two pairs of long trousers. Also include one raincoat, one swimsuit, one pair of pajamas, five pairs of underwear and five pairs of socks.


Some people are tempted to pack multiple pairs of shoes — don’t. Three pairs of shoes can suffice – one dress pair, one for hiking, and one for running. The right way to pack shoes is fitting them on the side of the case as other items fill up the center.


Your goal is to not try to fit an entire spa into your suitcase. Many hotels have soap, lotion, and shampoo. You can pack an extra conditioner, toothbrush, hairbrush and hair comb, sunscreen, hair gel, dental floss, nail polish, deodorant, and a nail clipper. Seal these items in a container to prevent them from dripping over your clothes during the trip.

Laundry Items

Consider packing items such as latex cloth lines, sink stopper and laundry detergent. Experienced travelers also go for powdered detergents since they are efficient in small amounts and are easy to pack and carry around. If you are tight on space, however, shampoo can also be used as a detergent.


You ought to take a personal approach to this, going by your medical history. If you are on medication, you will need to travel with your prescriptions. Other necessary medication includes Ciprofloxacin for diarrhea, Amoxicillin for pain and anti-malaria drugs like Malarone.


Electronic gadgets take up more space than we care to admit. We have grown so attached to them that we might want to pack every smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and laptop for the global trip. That wouldn’t be necessary. You only need to bring essentials such as: one laptop, one smartphone, a camera, hard drive, and adapters. Instead of carrying several adapters, go for universal one that can power up all cameras, phones, and laptops.

Next Steps

A world travelers packing list includes only essential items such as a few clothes, three pairs of shoes, essential toiletries, medication, and electronic gadgets. Light and easy is the best way to experience the world.

Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults – What to Buy

Disney is such a magical world, not even those who are fully grown up can resist its atmosphere or fail to want mementos from their magical trip. That means regardless of how much control you exert over your budget, you’re bound to find something that stretches you just a bit. It’s even worse if you’re not a very decisive person – you just may end up going home with a life sized Mickey Mouse’s. To prevent that from happening, be sure to check over this list of the best Disney World souvenirs for adults to know exactly what to buy.

Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults

1. Mickey Ears

Getting a pair of Mickey ears is a staple whenever you visit any of the Disney themed parks. These comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Occasionally, you can find some limited edition ears that you can keep as a collector’s item.

Best Disney World Souvenirs for Adults

2. Mail Yourself From Main Street

If you’re not looking to get yourself or others something typical such as a plush or a key chain, My VIP Tour states that you can send them some special mail instead. The United States Postal Service (USPS) retrieves all of the mail from all the active mail boxes on Main Street and delivers them to their addresses. This is a great way to remember your trip to Disney since it’ll be sealed with a special Disney stamp.

3. Pressed Pennies

Got some pennies lying around in your purse or pocket? You can get these pennies pressed with all of your favorite Disney characters. These booths can be found scattered all around the park. These might even be the cheapest souvenirs you can get too.

4. Muppet Hats

If you’re a Muppet fan, you’ll be happy to know you can get them in hat form. They won’t only allow you to delve back into your childhood, but they can also keep your head warm if you’re visiting the park in the winter.

5. Exclusive Stuffed Bears

Disney World is the prime spot to find all of your favorite characters in plushie form. Everything from Baby Jumbo to the Beast are available. Some of these plushes are exclusive only to certain Disney parks, so you won’t even find them in Disney stores.

6. Sorcerers Spell Cards

This is a souvenir that is completely free. All you have to do is get your free set of cards and a map at the fire station on Main Street, and start solving puzzles. You can get a free set of cards every day and ultimately end up with an album collection of your Sorcerers Spell Cards.


These were only a few of the best Disney World souvenirs for adults that you can find at Disney. Have fun!

Carry On Essentials for Long Flights – What to Pack

Let’s be honest, nothing comes close to the thrill and excitement that an adventure across borders inspires. However, to fully enjoy your trip (especially if it’s relatively long), it is crucial that you bring along some carry-on essentials for long flights. Why? Besides the fact that these items will make your in-flight experience more enjoyable, they are also a great way to ensure you don’t go insane with uncomfortable sleep or boredom. Below is a list of a few items you should carry along with you:

For Travel Comfort

1. A Good Travel Pillow

While most long flights will provide you with a pillow and a blanket to make sure that you are well rested throughout the trip, bringing your own travel pillow that you’re used to will ensure maximum comfort. Go shopping prior to your flight for travel pillows that are compact and easy to bring along with you.

2. Travel Slippers / Socks

Carrying a good pair of socks is a fantastic way to ensure your comfort aboard the plane. Since airplanes are notorious for being really cold, keeping your feet warm will enable you to be more comfortable on the flight.

Besides socks, you can also bring a pair of slippers to change into in the case that you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. This allows you to take off your shoes on the plane without the worry of having to put them back on even when you need to move from one point to the other.

Carry On Essentials for Long Flights

For Your Entertainment

1. Download a Few Games or Movies

Most planes provide you with TV shows and movies while on board. However, relying on such is a somewhat risky choice. Why? While the entertainment offered on planes is quite good, you can, however, get bored of watching what they offer. Carrying a tablet or good phone and downloading several games or movies that captivate you is a better option to keep you thoroughly entertained and is better suited to keep you from feeling restless.

2. A Good Book

Packing an interesting book that you have been planning to read all along is also another fantastic way you can pass the time. When traveling, it is easy to get completely engrossed in the book, and you can capture every little detail with minimal distraction. Try to purchase the book at the airport since browsing through the available books there can keep you busy while awaiting your flight time.

Health & Wellness

1. Ear Plugs / Eye Mask

Best dubbed as “sleeping essentials,” earplugs and eye masks can come in handy especially if you have a hard time getting some sleep on a plane. Although they don’t guarantee that you will fall into a deep slumber, they will at least help you filter out any other occurrence on the plane as you drift into dreamland.

2. Moisturizer / Toothpaste/ Face Wash

Normally, these are complimentary items on typical flights. Even so, having some toothpaste and moisturizer on board with you will ensure you feel more comfortable once you wake up from a nap. Moreover, face wipes are also a wonderful alternative worth bringing along as opposed to a face wash. With these, you can freshen up both after sleeping as well as before getting off on arrival at the destination. Airport Shuttle of Phoenix mentions to remember to bring travel sizes of these items to comply with TSA guidelines.

3. Painkillers

Persistent stomach pain or a headache can make a long flight feel like forever. Nonetheless, having something that can numb and alleviate the pain can spare you an otherwise miserable experience.

Travel Documents

1. A Copy of the Passport; Extra Photo

Finally and what is perhaps the most important item that you should remember on your international trip is your passport. You should also carry a passport photo as well as a photocopy (colored) of the passport pages bearing your information just in case you misplace it abroad.


Don’t leave your door without these vital items in your possession. Carry on essentials for long flights are your best shot at enjoying your trip as well as arriving ready and set for your destination. Have fun!

Wakizashi vs. Tanto – The Next Time You Visit Japan

Both the Wakizashi and Tanto are Samurai swords. The Samurai were Japanese warriors of ancient times whose reputation in martial arts and sword fighting continues to travel through time. But it was not just their fighting skills that earned them their reputation — it was everything in the swords they carried; discipline respect, smartness, and bravery. Over time, people have been curious about Samurai swords, seeking to wield these blades of greatness. Thankfully the art and skill of forging a Samurai sword have not entirely been eroded with time — if anything they are getting better. The samurai sword has morphed over the centuries, from a straight blade to a curved edge and then the katana. Since the Katana was a long sword, the worriers also had to carry small swords for close combat. The short swords carried by a Samurai included the Wakizashi and Tanto. So what are the main differences between the two? This article will go into detail about Wakizashi vs. Tanto and what you should look for the next time you visit Japan.

Samurai Tanto Blades

The Tanto was a samurai dagger carried for purposes of fighting in close combat. The Samurai Tanto blade did not exceed 12 inches in length and was always accompanying a Katana. The Tanto features great decorations and unique fittings just like in Katana swords. Experts state that the Tanto was a stabbing dagger.

Another distinctive feature of the Tanto was and remains to be its flat grind and sharply pointed end. The sharp and robust point is ideal for stabbing into tough materials. The strength on the pointed end of the Tanto blade was a result of differential hardening. The swords smith coated the pointed-end with clay slur in the process of forging the sword. During heating at high temperatures, the pointed end would get hardened with extra density.

Wakizashi vs Tanto

From front edge to the back, the Tanto slightly curves at an angle. The thin blade allows for a stronger tip. Its unexpectedly strong point end will enable it to pierce through the toughest of materials for such a small dagger.


The Wakizashi As a Backup For the Katana

In ancient Japan, samurai warriors needed to carry two swords, in a combination known as daisho. It was either a Tanto or a Wakizashi together with a Katana The difference between the Tanto and wakizashi is in their structure and use.

Wakizashi swords are slightly longer than the Tanto, measuring about 24 inches. Unlike the Tanto which was primarily stabbing swords, the Wakizashi had sharp edges and an ability to behead opponents at close combat.

Which One is Better?

Our love for Samurai Tanto stems from their aesthetic beauty and convenience is functionality. The size of the Tanto blade allows for easy portability without it being cumbersome. The swords have an embellished hardwood holder for housing the blade when not in use. The Tanto swords also feature a wooden handle with animal skin overlay and wrappings for a firm grip. Your local swords club can find blade materials ranging from stainless steel to high-carbon steel.

So, Wakizashi vs. Tanto, which is better? Between the Wakizashi and the Tanto swords, the latter has managed to appeal to the warrior spirits in many in our modern age. The tanto blade was the sword of choice for Japanese close combats. It is not just the beauty of the sword —  the Tanto sword is highly useful when it comes to cutting and penetrating tough materials.

Fun Things to Do in An Airport – 15 Things to Try Now

Your next flight can be delayed for a few hours by long queues, packing issues, and/or bad weather. So, what are some exciting and fun things to do in an airport if you’re stuck there for a while? This piece will highlight 15 fun things to do in an airport as you wait for your flight.

Things To Do in Airport Before Boarding

1. Read a Book

Maybe you’ve packed a book with you to read on the plane as your flying there, or you have a tablet or books on your phone — whatever it be, kill some time by flipping through some pages.

2. Drink Some Coffee

Regardless of if you’re catching a morning or night flight, you can always continue to energize yourself by sipping on a cup of Joe.

3. Post on Social Media

While you’re waiting for your flight, you can scroll through social media and post some new content while you’re at it.

4. Double Check Your Suitcases

As you’re waiting, you can double and triple check if you’ve packed everything that you’ve needed to. Airport Shuttle of Phoenix says that this is a prime time to go and pick up something small at the airport just in case you forgot it.Fun Things To Do In An Airport

5. Catch up on a Podcast

There are various types of podcasts available that range from comedy all the way to the daily news.

6. Update Your Social Media Account

This is a great time to update your social media account with something like a weather insight about your destination.

7. Visit Gents or Ladies

This might not be fun per say, but it is necessary to visit the loo as you wait to get to the skies.

8. Spend Extra Foreign Money

If you have extra foreign currency left in your wallet, this is the ideal time for you to spend it.

9. Look at Memes

Memes are a sure way of killing time and having fun. Don’t hesitate to look at a few memes as you wait for your next flight at the airport.

10. Relax in Airport Lounges

Airports have lounges packed with comfy chairs where you can enjoy your peace and quietness as you wait.

11. Listen to a Playlist

Listening to your favorite playlist as you wait to catch a flight in an airport can be fun too.

Things To Do In Airport Before Boarding

12. Call Your Family and Friends

Using this time to catch up with friends and family is ideal since you most likely have a lot of time to kill.

13. Read Holiday Articles

What can be more exciting and fun than burying yourself in your favorite holiday articles while you wait for your flight?

14. Vlog Your Experience

Vlogging your airport experience will not only give you a fun way to kill time, but you’ll also be able to keep these memories for a lifetime.

15. Become a Plane Spotter

Many airports have special points for viewing outgoing and incoming planes. You can visit the points and become a plane spotter.


So, What Can One Do At An Airport?

The above list of 15 things to do in an airport are the most popular among frequent travelers. Have fun! If there is something that should be mentioned, feel free to share with the world by commenting below.

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