Private jets are for the luxury and represents a status symbol. Though private jets are often seen and many people know the uses of them, do you know there are different types of private jets and prices? Well, there are various types of private jets ranging from lighter ones to the heavier jets. If you are looking forward to hire one or if you are here are simply for the knowledge, we have jotted down all the types of private jets and prices. 

Types of Private Jets and Prices

Types of Private Jets and Prices

Here, in this article, we have put together some of the simple categories of the infamous private jet. If you want to charter one and enjoy the benefits of private jets, this is going to be very helpful for you. Read on to know more about the different types of private jets when you’re looking to go anywhere in the world.

#1: Very Light Jets

These are relatively newer in the business. This type of jets offers an alternative to the turboprop and piston aircraft. They are much cheaper to run than that of the normal private jets available in the market. These jets also need shorter runways. These are popular with both personal uses as well as for point-to-point air taxi. Some of the examples of such aircraft are Cessna Citation Mustang and Eclipse 500. 

#2: Light Jets

This is another type of private jet which is also one of the most common types. Most executive travel fits in the 2 to 3 hours radius making this the light jet charters the most comfortable at a good cruising altitude and cost-efficient. Most of these carriers can carry only up to 8 passengers and with a range hold-size options. They are much more cost effective than that of their larger counterparts. Some of the popular models are Dassault Falcon 10 and Cessna Citation CJ4.

#3: Midsize Jets

You will get a lot of choices when it comes to the mid-sized private jets. It offers the best combination of speed, range and comfort that can make your ride a great experience. It is perfect for both long-haul flights and short-haul flights. They have a much lower operating cost and also much more efficient than that of the larger heavy jets. Some of the examples for this type of private jet are the Bombardier Learjet 35 and Cessna Citation Sovereign.

#4: Heavy Jets

Heavy jets come in two different categories – the standard heavy jet and the ultra-long range heavy jets. This offers the best and utmost luxury to the passengers. This can accommodate standup cabins, great baggage capacity along with plenty of passengers and lie-flat beds. This type of private jets also have enclosed bathrooms and a flight attendant for taking care of everything. 


So, these are some of the types of private jets and prices that you should familiarize yourself with prior to chartering one when you’re planning on flying anywhere. Since each of these can be used for different purposes, the prices may differ based on one type of private jet from one company to another as they work differently. So, you can ask for quotes from each and every company. Finally, you can then decide to hire the one that is ideal for your needs. You can also check the interior of each type.


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