Does Skydiving Make Your Stomach Drop? – Misconceptions Uncovered

Does skydiving make your stomach drop? The thought of jumping out of a plane tens of thousands of feet in the air typically gives first-timers many butterflies in their stomachs. To calm their nerves down, first time divers typically overthink what they should or shouldn’t do before taking the leap and what it feels like. This article will discuss why skydiving doesn’t make your stomach drop, and why you shouldn’t worry before taking that next step.

Does Skydiving Make Your Stomach Drop?

Does Skydiving Make Your Stomach Drop

The “Dropping” Feeling

To begin, we’ll investigate the “drop” feeling. First-time skydivers frequently fear that the experience could be akin to a roller-coaster ride. In both skydiving and roller coaster rides, you start from a significant altitude, and you surge decently toward the ground. Nonetheless, roller coaster rides have a sudden drop; from a standstill point to a drop of around 60 or 70 mph.

Maintained Speed High in the Skies

With a skydive, you are already flying at top speed in the aircraft. When you jump, you only alter the course and force by a negligible magnitude. Where you were flying at, say, 100 mph on a level plane, you will start to fly at 120 mph vertically. A roller coaster ride is usually so close to the ground that your brain will measure the separation and inspire cautionary responses from your body asymptomatic as stomach butterflies. On a skydive, you will be as high as 13,500 feet above the ground.

Floating Sensation as Opposed to Dropping

Without fear of contradiction, we can state that you’ve never been that far away from the ground previously (except when in a plane), so your brain has no precedence or method of understanding just how near the earth is. The mind cannot send cautionary signals to the rest of the body for an altitude whose bounds it cannot comprehend. For that reason, you will get a floating sensation on whole of your body, as opposed to a drop in the stomach.

No Intoxication Allowed

What do you eat before skydiving? That is the most significant question on the mind of many first time skydivers across the globe. You will be shocked, but the answer to the question is simple. Some people will try all sorts of menus to find the right skydiving-friendly meals. Others are tempted to drink liquor in a bid to steady their nerves. Be warned however, that it’s illegal to drink alcohol before skydiving. You will not be allowed into the plane if you are intoxicated.

The Answer is Simple: Stick To Your Healthy Diet

Just eat whatever you would regularly eat and take the plunge. You can try to avoid too much oily food before the jump. Also, remember that a drastic dietary change before skydiving will put a strain on your body, and make you susceptible to feeling debilitated.

Some people think it is smart to avoid food until after the adventure. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. You will suffer from low blood glucose levels, and you might even black out up there in the sky. That is indeed something you don’t want to happen, so stick to your regular diet to be on the safe side.


So, does skydiving make your stomach drop? No. Instead, it is a floating sensation that you feel all over your body. Skydiving is very much different from riding a roller coaster. Therefore, there’s no need to worry before being able to experience something that you’ll remember for a lifetime.