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TOPS has been a leader in the hotel industry for over 20 years.  With the ever changing industry we are committed to building the most desirable buildings with the highest quality accommodations available.  We listen to our clients and aim to build exactly to the specifications they have in mind.  Resort style hotels are becoming the talk of the town.  When a new hotel is being built most people want to know what is going to set it apart from the other hotels in town.  We are a company that prides ourselves on setting the standard for luxury hotels.  Our goal when building our hotels is to make people feel like like they are home –  away from home.  With keeping that in mind we are able to accommodate and please most owner / developers.  Years of experience has taken us to where TOPS is today.  We are able to aid in the project from start to finish.  We have architects available at all times that can help in making the process run smoothly and more efficiently.  They have the ability to use CAD (Computer Aided Development) which enables us to precisely construct the building in a more timely manner.  Our contractors and subcontractors have many years of training experience and jobs under their belt.  They know how to get the job done in a cost effective way and will go above and beyond your expectations. They have complete access to permitting and contractual documents so you can concentrate on the financial aspect, design and marketing.  We understand that a job of this stature is time consuming and stressful so we try to make it an enjoyable journey with an excellent end result.  We have proven over and over that our strategy works and our projects will stand the test of time.  If you are looking to get a project started and want more information on our services please contact us for competitive pricing.  If you just have an idea in mind and would like assistance in creating a plan for development we can help.


The pool shown above was done by one of the top Houston pool builders in Texas.Once we are finished with the project we gladly help with finishing touches before the day of opening.  We have excellent relationships with many outside resources that will make it a day to remember.  We can work up to any stage in the process that you desire.  Our goal is to create a lasting relationship so we can help you in your future projects as well.

Hotel LifeThe above pool is an AZ Pool by BD Pools and Spas and was done to perfection. We mainly contract with Pool Builders in Arizona but for our project next month in Texas, we are partnering with Blue Diamond Pools.

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