What to Know Before Doing Any Travel

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You will agree that planning trips isn't hard for the first few days, but 2-3 days to the tour may prove hectic. Whether you're traveling abroad for a week or the beach for a weekend, you may feel overwhelmed with the many tasks you need to do before going for the trip.

This handy pre-travel checklist will help you create a memorable travel experience and help you avoid the last-minute rush. The checklist contains a list of what to know before doing any travel.

1. Obtain travel insurance first

Most people consider this necessary when traveling abroad. The rest never bother themselves buying travel insurance for local trips.

There are various options and plans for travel insurance. However, all these plans typically cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, and evacuation.

2. Get the right visas and passports.

Preparing for International Travel
Preparing for International Travel

This is an obvious step that most travelers overlook. Every day, we find ourselves being forced back to our countries as we don't have the legal documents permitting us to travel to our countries of interest.

For instance, getting a passport for yourself may seem obvious, but if you are an avid traveler, this calls you to have an extra passport page, especially if you will need visas.

Besides, you may find your way into a country without a passport, but without a visa, you won't even step into a plane at the airport. Lacking a proper visa calls for immediate deportation on the next flight.

Additionally, you will not find visas on any pages other than visa pages for most countries. This means that an amendment page won't work. Besides, should your passport expire within six months while on the trip, you may not be allowed to enter some countries.

This mistake may seem small, but when you try to think of the repercussions that come with it, you will realize how essential it is to be vigilant and careful when obtaining travel documents.

3. Obtain an international driving license

While having an international driver's license is not mandatory for all countries, it's good to obtain one to avoid non-speculative issues. Obtaining the license is one of the first things to do before international travel.

Besides making your trip smooth, getting the license is super easy. Americans get their international driver's licenses from AAA. They only need to produce two passport photos and pay $15. Ensure you have this in your checklist before traveling.

4. Book night's accommodation in advance

If you are traveling to a new destination, you will find abundant places for accommodation. However, getting a room may be challenging and stressful, although you will find a spot in the long run.

Therefore, pre-booking an accommodation service is one of the top things to do before traveling abroad. It will help you avoid the stress involved in accommodation searches and give you peace of mind during the first night of your vacation.

After resting for the first night, you can take time and explore the area, and maybe you will find better accommodation services where you can spend the rest of the nights.

Be careful when looking for a hotel, and have a list of key things to check.

5. Print the copies of your travel documents

Most accommodation services in almost all countries accept the soft copies of accommodation reservations on laptops and smartphones. However, it will be a good idea if you arm yourself with a hard copy of the same.

This will favor you in cases where you don't have wifi or cell service. Printing the copies prepares you for anything that may arise in cases of smartphone or laptop breakdown, or sparse device networks.

Just like accommodation reservations, some people or countries will accept digital ticket copies. However, you may find yourself going back home if some travel companies refuse to accept the soft copies of your ticket.

This problem is popular with trains and planes. The same case applies to passports. For those who have made the mistake of carrying digital copies of passports to the airport, we can all agree that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Printing a copy of a passport when preparing for international travel has two benefits:

  • If your passport gets lost, you will have a copy.
  • Some accommodations require you to present a hard copy of your passport.

While you may find copiers in most places, some like Airbnb have none, and you will have to go searching for them to print the passports and give copies to your hosts.

Airplane or Cruise?

What to Know Before Doing Any Travel
What to Know Before Doing Any Travel

Before doing your travel, determining if you're using a commercial or private plane should be on your list of what to know before doing any travel. Cruises are better than aircraft as they can easily do with digital tickets.

Private jets are also fast and cheap for local travel, and you can easily afford to meet the cost of a private jet for a single flight.

It would be best if you also considered finding out the cheapest month to fly so that you can minimize travel costs.

Overall, research what to do before international travel to ensure that you have all it takes to be allowed into a country.


Most of us have made the mistakes of running on trips without taking the time to prepare. We have suffered severe blows and embarrassments for overlooking the things that matter. Let our mistakes provide you with insights so that you don't make the same mistakes.

With this guide, you now know what to know before doing any travel. This checklist for international travel will save you time and money, and more importantly, make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

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