Why do Private Jets Fly at Higher Altitudes

There are many differences between private jets and commercial flights. Of course, convenience and luxury are some of those differences, but there are more. One notable difference is that they fly higher than the rest. So, why do private jets fly at higher altitudes?

Why do Private Jets Fly at Higher Altitudes

Private jets work by making flying more accessible and convenient to you. This post is going to answer all your questions about private jets. It will tell you if the planes fly higher, and why that is the case. 

Do Private Jets Fly Higher than the Rest?

Yes, private jets fly higher than their commercial peers. While commercial planes fly at a maximum altitude of 35,000 feet, private jets typically do not fly less than 41,000 feet and can at times go as high as 45,000 feet. 

Why do Private Airplanes Fly Higher? 

There are a few good reasons why a private jet’s cruising altitude is high;

  • To Avoid Bad Weather

At higher altitude, the jet can easily make turns to avoid bad weather. One of the many benefits of flying private is how it’s easy to change course because there is less traffic. That flexibility is only possible for airplanes that hit the highest possible altitude. It also explains why private jets travel a little faster than their counterparts in the commercial sector.

  • Less Traffic

    Why do Private Jets Fly at Higher Altitudes
    Why do Private Jets Fly at High Altitudes

Did you know that there are at least 5,000 aircraft in the air at each particular time? Commercial planes are well suited for such traffic and to avoid collision. They have more sensors to warn them of an incoming flight. Private jets, on the other hand, do not have the advantage of such sensors. That is why they fly higher than the rest to avoid traffic. When your jet flies way above the others, just know this is one of many things done to ensure private jet flights are safe

  • Private Jets Make an Easier Ascend than Commercial Jets

Private jets tend to climb faster than commercial jets. To hit the altitude of 35,000 feet, commercial planes will take no less than 10 minutes. On the flip side, a private jet will take 5 minutes or less to reach its cruising altitude. You cannot ignore that difference, and it gives private jets an upper hand when it comes to flying higher. 

When you fly a private jet, expect to notice a few differences. Top on the list is that you will be cruising at a higher altitude. Another thing is that private jets are able to land in more locations than commercial flights.  Thanks to this, the level of comfort will be more than you ever experience when flying commercial planes. 

In Conclusion

If you have been asking: why do private jets fly at higher altitudes? You now know that it is not a myth and the reasons why this happens. It is all geared to beating bad weather and avoiding traffic. The fact that private jets gain altitude faster gives them an advantage when it comes to flying higher. 

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