What to Know Before Going on a Disney Cruise?

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What to Know Before Going on a Disney Cruise?

One of the popular things you can do to de-stress is to hop onto a cruise ship and marvel at some of the most beautiful places in the world. That plus a unique experience onboard is what a Disney cruise offers. Excited yet? But before anything else, prepare yourself with what to know before going on a Disney cruise and some Disney dream cruise tips.

Find out some interesting Disney cruise tips and secrets below.

Tangled World Onboard

A fan of Disney princesses? Then start packing for Disney World or a Disney cruise! The fun doesn’t end after you watch Tangled: The Musical on the Disney Magic. One Disney cruise secrets you can do is to go to O’Gills Pub instead and witness how it transforms into the Snuggly Duckling and spot Rapunzel and Flynn Rider singing “I’ve Got A Dream” with the locals. For one night only, you can enjoy the world of Tangled and tick an item on your bucketlist.

Disney Cruise Tips
Disney Cruise Tips

Teenager’s Cool Spot

Fishing for more Disney dream cruise tips? Well, there’s a part of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy ships that is exclusive to teen members of Vibe, the onboard youth club. It’s the frontmost spot where you can expect special splash pools and sundeck — we know, it sounds like the features of what to look for when booking a hotel. Of course, these high schoolers will be supervised while having the best time of their lives onboard.

A Pin Trading Night

You wouldn’t want to miss Officer Pin Trading Night! It’s when the crew comes out with pin lanyards and collectors line up for trading. You can always spot a new and appealing lanyard as they are constantly refilled to cater to the crowd. This is one of the Disney cruise secrets as it’s not announced and happens only for a night, so better check your Navigator daily!

A Free App for Communication

Inside the ship, you can ditch the wave phones provided in your cabin and go wireless instead. With the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, you can text fellow passengers for free! Want a more fun onboard communication? We’ll share Disney magic cruise tips: browse through their collection of emojis and have fun spelling out at what place you’d want your family reunion to take place using them.

Water is Scarce

Here’s probably one of the most important facts on what to know before going on a Disney cruise. If you want to fill up your water bottle, you’ll need to go to the faraway land of Deck 9 or 11 for the complimentary soda machines. No water fountains, and bottled waters are expensive. You can drink the tap water in your cabin, but you can only fill up small bottles as the sink allows.

Another Disney cruise tips is to bring loads of bottled water, but get ready to carry them as you embark as they can’t go with your bags. Instead, bringing reusable water bottles and tumblers for water and soda refills are great Disney magic cruise tips.

First-run Movies

Tips for Disney Cruise
Tips for Disney Cruise

Worried about missing the first theater release of a movie while at sea? Well, planning is the key. Here are some tips for Disney cruise: schedule your Disney cruise at the right time and you’ll enjoy first-run movies without making ticket reservations. But wait, there’s more! Lots of new Disney, Marvel, and Pixar films offer 3D displays, so be prepared for some eye-popping movie experience onboard.

“‘Til We Meet Again”

Missed taking photos with your favorite characters? Valuable tips for Disney cruise includes anticipating the last night. On your final sailing night, you’ll witness the goodbye show ‘Til We Meet Again where you’ll watch a short touching performance and have a chance to take snaps with Disney princesses, characters, and performers.

If you’re planning to go cruising, knowing what to know before going on a Disney cruise can get you excited and help set your expectations. But remember, a Disney cruise isn’t cheap, so finding the cheapest time to go on a Disney cruise is a part of the planning process. Now that you’ve uncovered some Disney cruise tips and secrets, it’s time to gather information on what to know before a trip and get ready for a magical experience!

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