How do globetrotters travel light? If you’re looking to experience more of the world soon, you’ll have to face numerous tasks before your travels — and packing is one of them. Experienced travelers start by shopping for the right backpacks and travel clothing. The main idea behind backpacking or traveling the world is to travel light. That also involves carrying light clothes that dry up quickly when you wash them. Besides clothes, what else would you have to bring with you? Follow this world travelers packing list to ensure that you’re bringing everything necessary to enjoy your trip.

World Travelers Packing List

Choosing the Right Bag

The backpack needs to be light enough yet able to carry the weight of all your items. Your suitcase should weigh less than 2.7 kg, and if you can find one that has smart components, the better.


World Travelers Packing List

When packing, you should only consider bringing along the bare necessities. Go with synthetic fabrics as these will dry faster and still look okay without ironing. Consider packing three short sleeved shirts and two long sleeved ones, two pairs of shorts and two pairs of long trousers. Also include one raincoat, one swimsuit, one pair of pajamas, five pairs of underwear and five pairs of socks.


Some people are tempted to pack multiple pairs of shoes — don’t. Three pairs of shoes can suffice – one dress pair, one for hiking, and one for running. The right way to pack shoes is fitting them on the side of the case as other items fill up the center.


Your goal is to not try to fit an entire spa into your suitcase. Many hotels have soap, lotion, and shampoo. You can pack an extra conditioner, toothbrush, hairbrush and hair comb, sunscreen, hair gel, dental floss, nail polish, deodorant, and a nail clipper. Seal these items in a container to prevent them from dripping over your clothes during the trip.

Laundry Items

Consider packing items such as latex cloth lines, sink stopper and laundry detergent. Experienced travelers also go for powdered detergents since they are efficient in small amounts and are easy to pack and carry around. If you are tight on space, however, shampoo can also be used as a detergent.


You ought to take a personal approach to this, going by your medical history. If you are on medication, you will need to travel with your prescriptions. Other necessary medication includes Ciprofloxacin for diarrhea, Amoxicillin for pain and anti-malaria drugs like Malarone.


Electronic gadgets take up more space than we care to admit. We have grown so attached to them that we might want to pack every smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and laptop for the global trip. That wouldn’t be necessary. You only need to bring essentials such as: one laptop, one smartphone, a camera, hard drive, and adapters. Instead of carrying several adapters, go for universal one that can power up all cameras, phones, and laptops.

Next Steps

A world travelers packing list includes only essential items such as a few clothes, three pairs of shoes, essential toiletries, medication, and electronic gadgets. Light and easy is the best way to experience the world.

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