Escape rooms have become increasingly popular over the last few years. In addition to being entertaining and vibrant, they also enlighten participants into honing a wide range of skills. They are productive outlets for a wide range of people. Participating in escape rooms, therefore, can help you to advance useful skills. Here are some escape room skills you can boost.

Escape Room Skills

Here are some tips for escape rooms, as well as what skills will improve.

Exercising the Brain

Escape rooms challenge participants to do something out of the norm. You are required to work with others to tackle challenges and think outside the box. Exposure to tricky logical or mathematical puzzles forces you to be creative and come up with prompt solutions. If you’re working towards leaving the escape room with a high score, you’re going to have to rely on information and skills. Ultimately, you exercise your brain by analyzing data, brainstorming and troubleshooting complex issues.

Enhance Your Competition SkillsEscape Room Skills

Knowing that you only have 60 minutes to escape the room puts you in a competitive mode until you’re able to solve all the clues and puzzles. The competitive rush that comes with being a player in an escape room gets you moving towards achieving results. The timeline puts you under pressure and enhances your competitive skills.


Many escape rooms are designed such that you can’t proceed to the next level until you’ve solved each puzzle in a particular order. This means you’re forced to fully concentrate on solving complex puzzles until you get a solution. This is an essential life skill as we need to focus on the most critical tasks before were able to succeed.

Creative Thinking

Everything you see as a player in an escape room can become part of a complex puzzle or possible solution. As such, you must always be on the lookout to see if you can link any clues or recognize patterns that may be needed at a later point in the game. Escape rooms can be a great fundraising event. Creative thinking skills are essential even in everyday life to assist you in problem solving and coming up with unique ways to approach issues or leverage opportunities.


By participating in an escape room, your level of awareness is significantly heightened. You need to carefully observe the things around you and search for things that may seem obvious but are critical. Objects in escape rooms are carefully chosen so you’ll need to be very alert to identify clues and solve tricky puzzles.


Escape rooms typically involve working in teams, which requires you to use your communication and organization skills. On an upcoming trip, you with your family/friends can plan to visit an escape room.  To break out of a room as fast as possible, you need to communicate with your teammates and break up into and work in small, well-organized teams.

Bottom Line

Escape rooms are much more than indoor fun games packed with adrenaline. The escape room skills you develop can provide a great foundation for meaningful skills that you can use in everyday life.  Try an escape room near you and hone some of your escape room skills that can improve your life and make you a better person.


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