How Fast Are Private Jets

One of the advantages of chartering private jets is that you do not go through the hassle of queuing at airports. Of course, most people traveling with chartered planes are looking to travel fast and be at their destination on time. In that case, how fast are private jets? There are lots of factors that will determine the speed of a private plane. 

How Fast Are Private Jets

In this post, you will know the average speed of different private jets. You will also learn about the factors that determine the speed of each aircraft. As you make your booking, you will know the kind of plane that will take you to your destination not a minute later.

Jets and their Average Speed

Private jets are not equal. They will travel at a different speed. It is crucial to know their speeds before booking any of them. Here is a quick summary of types of jets and their average speeds;

  • Turbo props are the slowest in this list of private planes. They cruise at speHow Fast Are Private Jetseds between 230 and 315mph or 190 and 275 knots. It is not a slow speed because you will be at your rendezvous at the right time.
  • Light jets can travel at speeds between 400 and 480mph or 350 and 430 knots
  • Heavy, midsize, and super jets are the fastest types of chartered planes. They travel at speeds between 400 and 500mph or 350 and 455mph

Depending on how fast you want to travel, you can now choose the plane that will get to wherever you are going on time. 

Factors that Affect Jet Speed                                                    

It is not all about the size of the jet; there are other factors that will affect speed. Have a look at some of them;How Fast Are Private Jets

  • Weather: In fair weather, planes travel fast. Conversely, their speed will be hampered in stormy weather. 
  • Headwinds
  • Flight attitude. Low-flying jets face a lot of pressure from the air and other turbulence. They will travel at a slower speed. For jets that fly high, they will face less turbulence and thus travel faster. 
  • Turbulence: there is a lot of turbulence in the atmosphere. It varies with the prevailing weather. With less turbulence, aircraft will travel fast
  • Jet streams

How to Reclaim Time Lost During the Flight

Private jet charters say people prefer private jet because of their flexibility and travel speed. Most of the time, you will be at your destination ahead of the scheduled business meeting. However, there can be inevitable delays. When this happens, you would like to make up for the lost time. One of the ways to recover the time is conducting your business while in flight. You start by doing research and make notes so that when you arrive, you go directly to the business meeting. 

Another lucky thing is that these jets can land in an array of airports. Choose the one closest to your destination.

How fast are private jets is not a one-answer question. There are a lot of factors that affect speed. Now you know them before booking your choice of a charter jet. 

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