What’s the cost of chartering a private jet? The same way the cost of a road trip is influenced by the distance you travel, the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle and the price of gas, several factors affect how much you can expect to pay for a private jet charter. Here’s a look at how much to rent private jet.

How Much to Rent Private Jet

This post highlights how much it costs to fly private, as well as the different factors that affect a private jet charter quote.

How Much is a Charter Flight on a Light Jet or Air Taxi

An air taxi or light private jet will help you beat long waiting lines at commercial airports. The costs have been going lower with more recent innovations in the aviation industry. A private charter flight on a light jet costs around $3000 from New York to Montauk. If you’re tagging along with your family and friends, you could get a larger aircraft that is faster and cost around $3900. Nonetheless, light jets and turboprops are great for short journeys.

The Price of a Charter Flight on a Mid-Size or Super-Mid-Size JetHow Much to Rent Private Jet

The cost of chartering a plane will increase as your need for additional equipment, luggage and space for passengers increases. Mid-size jets can reach higher speeds and cover greater distances than light jets. So, if you’re looking to get from Washington to Los Angeles in a five-and-a-half-hour journey with about 6 passengers onboard on a sleek mid-sized jet expect to part with about $30,000. That comes to about $5500 per hour in the air. Some jets are typically cheaper than others so you can always do your due diligence.

Bear in mind that chartering a smaller plane over a long distance may end up being more expensive because a smaller jet will need to refuel over a long distance. This will also increase the time for your journey, refueling and landing.

Cost to Charter a Heavy Jet

Heavy jets are the best for long-haul flights. However, the cost of chartering a heavy jet can reach six figures. In exchange, you get additional perks such as the services of flight attendants, luxurious plane amenities, a bigger cabin, not to mention the ability to take many passengers along with you over long distances.

Empty Legs

Empty legs allow you to travel in optimal luxury at a discounted cost. When an air charter service has a one-way charter, the plane will often travel to its next destination or get back to its base empty. These flights are ideal for business travel or last-minute trips and are often offered to passengers at huge discounts at savings of up to 75%. For instance, you can expect to pay between $1000 and $3000 per flying hour on average.

Bottom Line

Flying private is gaining popularity as air charter services come up with better ways to streamline booking and improve the private jet industry. If you’re still wondering how much to rent private jet, then the short answer is that it depends. Larger, more luxurious jets cost more than lighter aircraft, but you can still make significant savings by comparing prices.

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