Do you want to know when to go to Disney World? Are you looking for the best time of the year to make your first visit memorable? If you are planning for your first Disney World vacation, then it is easy to be confused about the time. In this article, we will help you to know the best time to visit Disney World. Also, we will discuss the worst time so that you can plan accordingly.  

When to Go to Disney World

Disney World is popular among both kids and adults. However, it does not get the desired crowd always. So it arranges parties, special events, promotions, and festivals to attract visitors during an offseason. Therefore, it is important to choose the best possible time to explore more.

What is the Best Time? 

when to go to disney world

If you are looking for the best time to have more fun and explore all the adventures and entertainment, you will have to choose a less crowded season. Also, you will have to spend more on peak seasons. Restaurants and hotels charge more during the peak season. You can do only half of the activities if you choose a season when the Disney world remains fully crowded even if you’ve researched all of the different ways on how to save money for this vacation. So, choose an off-season so that you will have enough opportunity to enjoy Disney World and its unique innovations, even if you’re planning a last minute trip to Disney

Best Time in the Year

Mid-November to Mid-December 

During this time, the climate will be pleasant. The attendance will be moderate and some special Christmas events will be running up. 

Mid-January to Mid-February 

The climate will be a bit cool during this period of the year. This is the least busy time of the year. Also, you will have to spend less on hotels and meals. Avoid holiday weekends and the first week of January since the Disney world becomes fully crowded during these periods. 

First 3 Weeks of May 

The weather will be relatively warm but bearable. The hotel price and crowds will be moderate.  You might find some crowd in the Memorial Day Weekend. So, consider avoiding this period and plan accordingly if you are going to go to Disney World in the summer.

Late August and September 

If you choose this period, be prepared for the hot weather conditions. You can plan in the afternoons and visit water parks to make your afternoons relaxing. During this period, the crowd is low and you will find the best hotel packages such as free dining packages.

Special Events 

Special events are more entertaining. But you will have to prepare for the significant crowds. 

Worst Time of the Year 

When it comes to the worst time, you should always avoid December last week, from mid-February to mid-April, midsummer, and holidays. During these periods, the crowd will be more. As a result, you will have to spend more on hotels. Also, you might not explore more when it is overcrowded. 

Last Words

Now you know when to go to Disney World. You can choose anytime mentioned above and begin planning your through Disney tour. You can also plan during special events, but know what to bring with you. The area will be crowded. However, kids will find it more entertaining when they will explore new activities and events. Also, get the right gear and clothes depending on the time.

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